Introducing Gateway Radio

Hello Gateway Reader, it’s been awhile. You might have noticed that after a pretty fast and furious start of publishing articles, the Gateway has become pretty quiet the past few months. Well, life in a pandemic can be strange, and ultimately I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to produce content that IContinue reading “Introducing Gateway Radio”

Thumbs Up North Bay: Co-existing with Critters – Heritage Gardeners and Nipissing Naturalist Lead the Way

In my role as an educator, I often ask students faced with a big task: “How would you eat an elephant?”
Of course, after the first few times the response, “One bite at a time” comes with some heavy eye-rolling.

Well in terms of the health of “the environment”, Melanie Alkins, of the Heritage Gardeners in conjunction with the Nipissing Naturalists, have come up with a great way to take a bite out of large issues on a local scale.

Thumbs Up North Bay: Sweetman’s Gardens

“I’ve had people tell me that they’ve walked past on the trail a hundred times, and never stuck their nose in” Jim Forscythe on Sweetman’s Gardens The year 2020 has been challenging to say the least. But even at the worst of times, there are always things worth celebrating. We love North Bay. What’s notContinue reading “Thumbs Up North Bay: Sweetman’s Gardens”

The Cedar Tree Stands Tall

“The amount of people that would either stop me coming in, or literally walk in and say “are you crazy? Opening a Lebanese restaurant in North Bay?” was insane.” Roger Gergi, Owner of The Cedar Tree Authentic Lebanese cuisine and the city of North Bay seem like odd bed-fellows, but there is no better spotContinue reading “The Cedar Tree Stands Tall”

The Pursuit of North Bay’s First Bank Robber (1932)

“By his pure boldness, simply walking out and attempting no escape in a vehicle, the very openness of it made it nearly successful” Judge Valin, 1933 on North Bay’s first bank robber. (Porcupine Advance, January 12, 1933) The Act On Saturday, November 26, 1932, North Bay was shocked at the experience of its first bankContinue reading “The Pursuit of North Bay’s First Bank Robber (1932)”

A Better Bay: Small City Cycling

So with all its efficiency, fun, and benefits, why is it that in our society the bicycle is seen as a a recreational pursuit? We subconsciously think of those who ride their bike’s for transportation as juvenile, or economically disadvantaged. Maybe we assume that they’re fitness obsessives who just aim to cram as much recreation into their day as they possibly can.