The Cedar Tree Stands Tall

“The amount of people that would either stop me coming in, or literally walk in and say “are you crazy? Opening a Lebanese restaurant in North Bay?” was insane.” Roger Gergi, Owner of The Cedar Tree Authentic Lebanese cuisine and the city of North Bay seem like odd bed-fellows, but there is no better spotContinue reading “The Cedar Tree Stands Tall”

Battalion, it’s time to Rebrand

When we learned that the Brampton Battalion would be relocating for the 2013-14 season, and that North Bay would finally be getting another OHL franchise my first thought was basically that it was good for the community, and hey, it would probably provide me with some entertainment. Win-Win.

My second thought was:
“I really hope they change their brand”

The Tragedy of the Commons, Toilet Paper, and You

There’s an experiment that I stole from my thesis supervisor that I occasionally run with students as an activity in class. The idea behind the experiment is simple: I tell the students I have an extra 5% in bonus marks on an upcoming test, and that they can acquire a portion of this prize dependingContinue reading “The Tragedy of the Commons, Toilet Paper, and You”

Neighbourhood Watch (or: how I learned to stop worrying and log off)

You’re out for a late night stroll, and walking down Algonquin St. you pass by a suspicious looking character. The man begins walking, inches from your side, seemingly unaware of the unsettling nature of this. “Uh… How’s it going?” you ask awkwardly. “Fine.” He replies. You feel uneasy, you speed up. He is a fewContinue reading “Neighbourhood Watch (or: how I learned to stop worrying and log off)”