The Pursuit of North Bay’s First Bank Robber (1932)

“By his pure boldness, simply walking out and attempting no escape in a vehicle, the very openness of it made it nearly successful” Judge Valin, 1933 on North Bay’s first bank robber. (Porcupine Advance, January 12, 1933) The Act On Saturday, November 26, 1932, North Bay was shocked at the experience of its first bankContinue reading “The Pursuit of North Bay’s First Bank Robber (1932)”

Lake Nipissing’s Black Gold (Part 1)

What does Caviar, one of the worlds finest culinary delicacies, have to do with North Bay and the surrounding communities?
Well that takes us back in history, to the story a founding father of Sturgeon Falls, the caviar king, and Lake Nipissing’s “Black Gold”.

But there’s a lot more to this story than a local caviar producer.