Thumbs Up North Bay: Co-existing with Critters – Heritage Gardeners and Nipissing Naturalist Lead the Way

In my role as an educator, I often ask students faced with a big task: “How would you eat an elephant?”
Of course, after the first few times the response, “One bite at a time” comes with some heavy eye-rolling.

Well in terms of the health of “the environment”, Melanie Alkins, of the Heritage Gardeners in conjunction with the Nipissing Naturalists, have come up with a great way to take a bite out of large issues on a local scale.

Thumbs Up North Bay: Sweetman’s Gardens

“I’ve had people tell me that they’ve walked past on the trail a hundred times, and never stuck their nose in” Jim Forscythe on Sweetman’s Gardens The year 2020 has been challenging to say the least. But even at the worst of times, there are always things worth celebrating. We love North Bay. What’s notContinue reading “Thumbs Up North Bay: Sweetman’s Gardens”